How To Use – Secret Functions Photo,Video Locker Application For Android Devices You Didn’t Know Yet | 2021.

It will let you create a very strong password from the settings option. In case of forgotten password, you can set two questions and their answers from the application. The most amazing thing about this app is that it is absolutely free of cost. If your phone is lost or stolen, you may still access your Locker from a computer or any other mobile device on which you’ve activated the app.

This one uses AES encryption to hide your files from the rest of your apps and other people. Some other functionality includes a privacy browser, an app lock function, and you can set it to quickly close if you shake your phone. This one also hides in a calculator app so there is a level of obfuscation here. The developer has a couple of different gallery vault apps as well in case you want to try a different one. 1Gallery is one of the newer gallery vault apps on the list.

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This way, you can identify who might have been trying to take a sneak peek by recognizing the location in which someone might have tried to gain unauthorized access to your photos. Provision of decoy password helps to open completely different photos if, by chance, anyone demands to see your private pics. This can further ensure that your privacy is not compromised. You can clone the apps that you wish to hide and then delete the original app from the device.

It comes with the usual features like most of the other apps have on this list like Security lock recovery, Decoy Mode , Panic switch , and Disguise Mode . Gallery Vault is another best app for hiding pictures and videos and is available for both Android and iPhone. But when it comes to features, the app has a different set of features on both the platform. ★ Use restore function from Gallery locker when you want to show pictures and video in mobile gallery. ★ Import and hide pictures, hide video from photo gallery.

Face App

Easy Web Gallery Builder creates high quality HTML image or video galleries for the web, CD or local viewing. If using any material from this website – dofollow hyperlink required. Moreover, in Pic Safe you will find a private browser that lets you surf the Internet without worrying your data can be stolen.

  • Private Photo Vault will surely keep your photos safe.
  • I uninstalled Win 10 photos app in a fit a of peak at not being able to turn off albums etc.
  • It is an easy to use pass code app lock which protects your apps.
  • Private Photo, Video Locker app sames to be a simple calculator in phone only in our naked eyes but has a secret gallery lock behind it.
  • When you get another mobile device, just download AT&T Locker, log in, and start using your Locker again.

10)Fake Pin -Setup a fake pin to trick others so that you dont get caught. You can create a private album and assign a password to it for that extra layer of security. Plus, you can lock any of the built-in albums with a passcode if you like. Then, import from your photo library, camera, or Files folder. This app, like the others, asks if you would like to delete your photos from their original location after you import them.

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